1. Make What Matters Really Matter


Hold yourself and others accountable for bringing your mission to life.


2. Practice What You Preach


Be a role model for honesty, integrity, and walking the talk.


3. Communicate with Care and Conviction


Share what you know, be considerate and confident, and listen respectfully.


4. Create the Involvement You Seek


Provide team members with meaningful opportunities to participate.


5. Do Right by Those Who Do Right


Acknowledge and thank team members who meet or exceed your expectations.


6. Provide What They Need to Succeed


Make sure team members have the tools, training, and support necessary to do their best work.


7. Confront Challenges with Courage


Face difficult situations directly. Make the tough calls. Do what you know needs to be done.


8. Let Differences Become Your Direction


Appreciate the uniqueness of all of your team members. Use it to move you beyond the status quo.


9.Strive to Serve Others


Use your knowledge and skills for the betterment of all “customers.”


10. Go Forth and Prosper


Build a lasting legacy. Accept that your ultimate purpose is to help everyone become successful.