Solving the internal problems below will lead to improved productivity in your business.

Solving the internal problems below will lead to improved productivity in your business.

Universal Concerns of Business Owners and Employees (Survey made by Douglas Raine over a twenty year span)

Accountability, Entitlement, Appearance, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Listening, Understanding, Avoiding gossip, spreading lies, sowing discord, Anger, hatred, violence, hostility in the work place, Gratitude, Opportunities for Advancement, Fatigue, Absenteeism, Infirmity – sickness, Jealousy, Perverseness, Pledging without delivering – keeping your word, Devious behavior, Schemer, Confusion, Negativity, Unity Attitudes, Improved positive interaction, Exchanging new and creative ideas, Moral/infidelity, Bribes, Work ethics – Sleeping on job, etc., Time Management, Motivation, Fear, Bondage, Heaviness – grief, rejection, loss, Worry, Deception, Envy. Critical spirit, Job Security, Performance – scrap, rework, overtime Enthusiasm, Communication, Listening, Planning, Courtesy, Resentment, Plagiarism, Oppression, Intimidation, Abusive treatment, Severe punishment (not justified by the offense), Ignorance, Lack of appreciation, Complacency, Laziness, Drunkenness, Exploitation, Correction, Do what your told-obedience, Theft, Witchcraft/Voodoo, Efficiency, Fairness, Peace Accomplishment, Arrogance, Bitterness, Brutality, Confidence, Budgeting, Finances, Copyright Infringement, Fraud, Strong-arm tactics, Accusation of injustice, Unacceptable workmanship, Acceptance, Transgression, Lack of repentance, Hypocrisy, Denial, Rebuke, Disrespect, Disconnected, Temptation


1. We have more negative than positive responses as we polled employers and employees.

2. Both managers and employees had different views.

3. How can you transform a business without first transforming the owners and workers?

4. The problems are internal and are attitudes of the heart.

The Solution is Jesus.

Jesus is introduced through your testimony.