Nuts and Bolts of Leadership


Nuts and Bolts of Leadership


Dear Friends,

Looking to get your people fired-up to achieve solid results – and build a reputation as an effective leader, yourself? Here are some “How To” tips that should help:

Address Performance Problems Early. One of the surest ways to demotivate employees is allowing people to do sub-par work. When that happens, others have to pick up the slack. You owe it to the rest of the team to address an employee’s deficiencies as soon as you become aware of them. Waiting only increases the intensity of everyone else’s bad feelings.

Think “Development.” Make developing the members of your team (and yourself) one of your top priorities. Besides providing formal training, pursue opportunities for building skills, awareness, and confidence that require minimal time and resources (e.g., watching videos, distributing industry publications, mentoring).

Always Give the “Why.” A combined lesson from Human Nature 101 and Common Sense 101: There’s a much better chance that people will be motivated and give their enthusiastic support if they understand the reason behind a goal, assignment, or decision. So, always follow the what with the why! 

Lead Well ... Lead Right, Douglas Raine – FGBMFA National Director Outreach and Training