Motivating Your Team


Dear Friends,

Here are some great reminders about motivation:

Motivating Your Team

Unquestionably, the most important thing that you can do (and should do) as a leader is to create conditions for people to succeed. This can be done through a variety of actions, including: sharing information and authority, providing guidance and support, listening, and looking out for the needs of others.

Such leadership behaviors help you form the foundation of a productive team. And once that foundation is in place, you can begin building enthusiasm about coming to work every day and being a part of your group. How? By creating an “I need” atmosphere ... by letting people know, through your words and behaviors, that: “I need you on this team.” “I need your ideas.” “I need your contributions.” “I need you to succeed so we ALL can be successful.”

Motivating Your Organization

As a leader, your ability to affect motivation extends far beyond your immediate team. You have an opportunity – perhaps even an obligation – to influence the performance of the entire organization. This includes not only your direct reports, but also your colleagues, peers, and yes, even bosses.

Your number one leadership responsibility is to encourage individuals to achieve their potential – in an environment that provides equal opportunity for success and enrichment. And that begins with recognizing and reinforcing the contributions of ALL individuals – no matter their position or function. The rationale is simple: Reinforced good performance is repeated good performance.

Motivating the organization, however, is about more than just recognizing contributions. It also involves encouraging everyone – managers and employees alike – to pull together and to do their best work. And that’s where “leadership by example” is critical. When it comes to important concepts like cooperation, commitment, communication, and quality, demonstrating the behavior you wish from others is one of the best ways to get it.

Lead well ... LEAD RIGHT,                                                                                                                                                               Douglas Raine