Getting Everyone “On Board” With Change"

Getting Everyone “On Board” With Change"


Dear Friends,

When it comes to the old adage, “The only constant is change,” truer words were never spoken – especially in the business arena. Organizations today operate at warp speed. To survive and prosper, you must adapt quickly and help each member of your team respond in a positive fashion.

So how do you learn to deal with change effectively … and sanely? By continually reminding yourself and every member of your team that:

·         Although the timing may stink, there’s usually a good reason behind the changes you and others are required to make.

·         Change helps you battle your competition and poor economic conditions. No change equals no progress.

·         Everything you now enjoy was a “change” at one time.

·         The fact that you must make changes means you’re still employed.

·         Your job is to do whatever the organization needs done. If that involves change, so be it! 

 Lead Well ... Lead Right,