Operation Care Dallas 2016 Results

Operation Care International 2016


Christmas Gift 2016 Report

On Saturday, December 17, approximately 18,000 homeless and those in need attended Operation Care International's(OCI) 13th annual Christmas Gift for the Homeless at the Dallas Convention Center. Over 3,500 humble and gracious volunteers participated in partnerships with charitable organizations, church groups, sponsors (corporate, small business, and individuals), and donors. Food, clothing, and services were distributed in a festive and safe environment. Guests and volunteers agreed that the 'Spirit of Christmas' was present, beginning to end.

2016 Christmas Gift Highlights: •500,000 sq. ft. at the Dallas Convention Center

  • 498 Professions of faith
  • 18,000 in attendance
  • 3,500 volunteers
  • 16,000 meals served by TX Baptist Men and Mercy Chefs
  • 2,093 pairs of shoes given to children
  • 1,668 pairs of shoes given to adults
  • 5,000 cupcakes for children and families
  • 1,000 dozen donuts
  • 150 pairs of eyeglasses given to children

One homeless man named Will Howard was sent home to Alabama, to be reunited with his 2 daughters, whom he had not seen in 27 years. His daughter called back crying, overjoyed because she had not seen her father since she was 7 years old. She is now 34 years old! A cheerful and joyful reunion.

OCI homeless outreach:

  • Totals of both evangelism groups - Adults and Families:
  • Salvations: 498
  • Rededications: 101
  • Already Believers: 1,323
  • Unsure/Rejected: 157
  • Nothing recorded by volunteer: 636


Divine Appointments:

  1. Darryl and Sam: It was towards the end of the morning when I met with these two men. Darryl had just been released from prison the day before in El Paso, Texas. He needed help to get to Tyler, Texas and had an ankle tracing bracelet. Sam on the other hand was not interested in God or anything else. His head was down, and I could not see his eyes. Thus without knowing anything about Darryl I said, "Share your testimony with Sam." Sam came alive as we both listened to Darryl's Holy Ghost testimony. We were both spell bounded. When Darryl finished, I asked Sam if he would like to receive Jesus?" Sam's reply was - "YES."
  2. Wayne Morris posted several videos of guests being prayed for deliverance and healing. Miracles took place.
  3. There were two ladies with the same prayer request which were at different times. Both wanted all of Jesus. Cynthia's grandfather, father, and son were all in prison for murder. Cynthia received prayer for her family, prayed for salvation and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. The other lady also wanted all of Jesus. All three of her grown children were on drugs. We prayed for them, and she prayed for salvation and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  4. Rick Lippert videoed the event.