Halloween Outreach Results October 31, 2017

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America                                                                    

Men of Business – Men of Purpose


Joy and Excitement on the Square in Downtown Commerce     

 With the threat of rain, large numbers of children, teenagers, and parents gathered to celebrate Halloween from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Our table was setup on the sidewalk at 1215 Alamo Street to bring light.

We distributed:                                                            Talking Topics

1100 Are You Going to Heaven tracts - Take this test to find out if you are going to Heaven?

50 Billy Graham tracts - Would you like to receive peace in your life?

450 copies of the Gospel of John - Read the story of a man that God raised from the dead

37 copies of a survey on God’s Plan for Your Life – DISCOVER THE POWER OF GOD’S HOLY GHOST

7 New Testament Bibles – Truth for Youth.


Waves of people dressed in costumes came by our table with a positive, friendly attitude wanting to hear and read about the message of Hope. Seeds were planted and we prayed for the harvest.