Facing the Giants in the Marketplace

Facing the Giants in the Marketplace

Look for opportunities this week to be generous with our testimony in the marketplace.  Trust the prompting of the Holy Spirit as opportunities present themselves. Respond and watch what happens.   

Facing the Giants film clip. (10 min)

The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants.mp4 (Brock and Jeremy)

I challenge you this week to give your very best. 

Let’s give God our very best and leave the results to him.  

I. Video clip. "Giving your very best." (10 minutes)

II. Testimony training. Paul's testimony - Acts 26 -    (10 minutes)

III. Preparing and executing a marketplace outreach using "Fire Teams" (12 minutes)

IV. Personal Testimonies in the marketplace plus introducing "Treasure Hunting" testimony (15 minutes)

V. Send audience out two by two on Saturday to implement. (4 hours)

Treasure Hunt Testimony:

We joined XA chapters from Lafayette, LA and Commerce, Texas on the TAMUC campus to "Treasure Hunt." I asked Nathan Cole, FGBMFA Greenville Chapter Member, to recall some of the events. Nathan - I definitely remember the LORD specifically leading us to a dozen or more people on one particular day. We gathered in prayer and just asked the Lord to show us who we would meet that day and who to pray for-- I placed a notebook in the center of the room and people started receiving visions and writing them down. One person wrote down a specific color of a backpack. Another wrote down something about short dark curly hair... and another was given a specific car color, etc.

We asked the Lord if there was any specific things for each of these people and He showed us many things to pray for.

Then we made copies of "the list" and hit the campus!

My favorite was a cafeteria worker that looked just like a lady on our list with short dark curly hair that someone received a prophetic word for. I was able to share this with her and pray for her while in line. She began crying and shared how the Lord had set her up for this conversation just the night before. I ended up giving her a Bible and staying connected with her all year. I prayed for one person in the student center that day that received a healing in their back. One girl in the student center was filled with the holy Spirit as we sang a song of deliverance over her.