Fellowship Newsletter May 2017


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Hotel Resevations
Christopher Burge, Vice President
FGBMFA Joshua Generation Ministry
God has and is doing so much more than can be written in one edition, but we wanted to share a bit of good news on recent activities in our Joshua Ministry.  He is readying the harvest field for YOU!  Pray that God will show you where to start an outreach to the Next Generation in your area.  We can help.
........ and pray for those the Lord has touched in these reports. 
Holy Smoke Hangout V
Greenville, Texas
Last month we launched a new Holy Smoke Hangout in Texas!  The house was full and the fire of God was present.  It was exciting to see young people so hungry and expectant for God to move.  They gathered, laughing, talking, some meeting for the first time.  No one was paying attention when I picked up my guitar and proceeded to check the mic.  When I strummed my first chord and began to sing, hands immediately shot up into the air in worship all around the room.  Our "sound check" launched the meeting like a rocket and the anointing of God started to flow.  I was ecstatic!  The worship never felt so easy, so natural, so charged with unity and it continued that way through the rest of the meeting.
A young man was seeking God at the very beginning of the meeting, but the breakthrough happened in worship, and at the close, Jesus delivered him from voices and demonic attack.  The Holy Spirit touched him and he laid on the floor under the power of God!
As the meeting continued we heard testimony after testimony, each one filled with such power and joy. You could feel the surge of electricity pulsing through the room as each one spoke.  These young people shared recent events of encountering real POWER, the power of the Holy Spirit!  One young man was thrown across his truck laughing uncontrollably while being delivered of alcoholism, another found God's power in prison at his lowest point, while another found Him all alone, with no home and lost in addiction.  Each story, although different from the next, had one common catalyst that changed everything, JESUS!
The meeting was as diverse as those who attended.  We had rappers, singers, worship leaders, and testimonies of all different styles.  The beautiful thing about the meeting was how much deference was shown for one another.  Everyone was loved no matter from where they came or who they were.  There was a strong spirit of unity in the place.  A young man spoke about love of the Father and the wayward son.  Afterwards, there was an alter call and TEN young people gave their lives to JESUS!  Nearly everyone come forward for prayer and the power of God began to touch each one.
We were able to run this meeting successfully with a few boxes of pizza, some sodas, and people filled with the Love of God wanting to see lives changed.  We thank Adam Burress for providing a building and food for the Holy Smoke Hangout V.  
Dallas, Texas
Recently, a few of us decided to officially launch City Lights, a new Joshua Chapter in the DFW Metroplex.  We had been worshipping together for many years; seeing what God was doing in our generation, we began reaching out to those who were desperate for the things of God.  At our first meeting four months ago, the anointing was so strong as we worshiped King JESUS.  It was such a wonderful time that by the end of the meeting no one could speak.  There was such a Holy Presence in the place that no one needed to speak.  All we needed was there to make us whole.  The next several meetings brought the same tangible presence of our Lord.  This is EXACTLY what our generation needs!  The approachable Love of God. 
This reminds me of a precious man of God I know.  John Schmook carries that touchable love of God on his life in such a way that strangers fall to the floor under its power.  That's what we have been experiencing at City Lights.  At our meetings, many have received the exhortation they have longed for in their spirit.  One young man began operating in the gifts as the Spirit of God was stirred up within him.  For the very first time he began prophesying over people, giving words of exhortation and wisdom. GOD ACTIVATES THE GIFTS WHEN WE ACTIVATE OUR LOVE FOR OTHERS!
Please pray that City Lights Dallas will continue to be a beacon in our area so more will come to know the love of God is real and touchable... for them.  You can find us on Facebook for events and updates in the Dallas area.
Mike Bond, National Director at Large
Evansville, Indiana
Caleb Johnson led the April outreach, as always, and was a tremendous blessing.  Each meeting is different with 80 to 100 in attendance and we experience the Holy Spirit in a different way each time as He builds His manifest presence.  This one was especially strong with each act complementing the other to a powerful finish.  We had very good rappers, testimonies, songs and a really wonderful mother/daughter puppet show.  That's not to mention the free food provided and served by the Evansville Chapter.  Several came forward for prayer.
We have HSH prayer each Thursday, which we believe is our most important meeting.  The Thursday night preceding the Friday meeting was especially powerful.  Usually Caleb leads, but that night the Holy Spirit took over and led us to minister and pray for each other.  We believe there was a spiritual convergence we hadn't seen before.    
Praise Jesus!!
Tom Kodel
Norwalk, Connecticut Chapter
The Holy Smoke Crew from Connecticut has been invited to minister at the FGBMFA National Convention in Dallas, TX this July.  We have been asked to host the third annual Holy Smoke Hangout on Friday evening, July 7, 2017.  Every time we go on this trip we see amazing results and lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Through this trip, we have made connections both nationally and internationally in hope of spreading this Holy Smoke movement worldwide.  For the past 5 years, Holy Smoke has been reaching hundreds of millennials by giving them a platform to share their God-given gifts and talents to bring people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  Over the years, we have seen many encounter the love of God, turn from destructive lifestyles, and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  God has been blessing this ministry abundantly by recently spreading it out to four new locations, including New Fairfield, CT, Evansville, IN, Ossining, NY, and Greenville, TX, with many others on the rise.  The Holy Smoke crew has also been on high demand to minister at many other events around the area, because this generation is hungry for what we are carrying - Christ in us the Hope of Glory.  There is nothing more important this generation needs at this moment than this.
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